Solar Mosaic turns “the Kickstarter of solar” into a way to make money


Updated: At 9AM (PST) on Monday, the Kickstarter of solar, Solar Mosaic, will officially open its site to residents of California and New York, as well as accredited investors, looking to make money by investing in solar panel roof projects. For months (at least since last summer), Solar Mosaic has been enabling a small amount of investors to experiment with investing in, and earning money from, the returns from solar roofs, but this is the company’s big public launch.

The company was founded back in October 2010, and I wrote one of the first profiles of Solar Mosaic in October 2011. It took the startup a little over two years to test out its beta Kickstarter-style platform and become registered to share securities with the public. Last year, it got a vote of confidence from the crowd funding bill. The company is backed by Spring Ventures.



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Ericsson ‘in discussions’ with mobile partners over Connected Me tech


Networking is an important skill to have these days, but this interpretation of the idea is more literal than most: Ericsson, which has been working for a while on a form of capacitive coupling that turns the user into a human cable, is apparently in talks that could lead to commercialization.

After all, we’re full of water and as such we make pretty good conductors. Based on this principle, the Swedish company has got what it calls ‘Connected Me’ working at up to 10Mbps. And, according to Ericsson R&D strategist Jan Hederen, there’s now interest in putting the tech into smartphones.

“We are in discussions with partners in the mobile space,” Hederen told me. “That is really the platform where this technology takes off. Mobile broadband together with the smartphone: that is the infrastructure that is needed.”

Needed for what? A simple example cited by Hederen is that of an…

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